Family and Children's Parties

The Courtyard Cafe is the perfect venue for you to gather your family and we cater to your relatives' needs young and old.  We can look after any desire here, and no matter what style or theme of party you would like, the team at the Courtyard Cafe are on hand to help make it a reality. We will help you decorate the venue with party decorations and even help you with the planning. The guest of honour to be will be thrilled with their party, and we will make sure it goes smoothly so that you can enjoy every second. A family or children's party is a fantastic thing and should be celebrated, and we at the Courtyard Cafe believe that exclusive use of the venue, good service and fantastic food all help with your enjoyment of the day.

Party Meals

An essential part of any party is the food. It's usually an occasion where drinks take prevalence, but enjoying some good quality food will make the day even more enjoyable for everyone. Our highly trained chefs have developed a very special set of menus for parties and celebrations, and are happy to share their culinary expertise with you. From the traditional and classic foods right through to new and exciting fusion cuisine, our menus encompass every taste, and they come in a variety of price ranges to suit any budget and any number of guests. Take a look at our sample menus, as these will give you a taste of the fantastic food served daily at the Courtyard Cafe. You will also have access to our wide range of wines and soft drinks, to help your event go off with a bang!